IoT & Industry 4.0 e Servitization

towards new, as-a-service business models

Npo Sistemi helps companies seize the opportunities associated with digital transformation by exploiting the connected fleet of equipment that promotes the evolution of new "as a service" business models.

Today, companies have learned to look at data as a new source of information, which provides the knowledge needed to prepare for future challenges and compete in a constantly evolving market.

Exploiting a company's connected equipment

According to the results of the Politecnico di Milano's Internet of Things Observatory, lack of skills, lack of economic resources and difficulty coordinating different stakeholders are the main barriers to properly exploiting a company's connected equipment.
This is why it is not only important to be equipped with the necessary tools to keep up with the times, but also to adopt Governance strategies and promote a suitable Digital Culture. 

Data is the central element

According to IDC research in 2019, as well as the growth of investments in the IoT market, awareness is also rising among companies that identify and seize the opportunities derived from developing the connected fleet.  Data analysis and interpretation alone is not enough to achieve these objectives: now, more than ever, we need to team up by promoting the integration of application ecosystems where data is the central element.

Data is in fact the enabling factor for evolution from product-centred business models to new models that include products as part of the services companies can derive value from by:

  • optimising processes;
  • reducing operational running costs;
  • increasing production, supply and efficiency;
  • generating new sources of revenue;
  • preventing incidents;
  • focusing on creating new business for the client's benefit.

To face this new era, companies increasingly need to acquire the key skills that can support the "data life cycle", relying on a strategic partner which can enable their development. 


Npo Sistemi, through a consulting approach that contextualises information based on the business model, promotes the evolution of new "as a service" business models by spreading a new Digital Culture.

  • needs analysis through a consultative approach which can take a snapshot of the company's real and latent needs;
  • collecting data from the connected fleet and analysing it using Advanced Analytics and Big Data Management techniques;
  • supporting the evolution of the organisational model;
  • designing and customising solutions; 
  • managed services for all systems.