7Pixel - storage virtualization - Case study

Find prices in a flash with HP storage and Npo know-how

7Pixel was set up in 2002 with an excellent mix of IT skills and marketing. Specializing in the price comparison and online shopping segment, 7Pixel owns and publishes the portals TrovaPrezzi.it, ShoppyDoo.it, Drezzy.it and Misshobby.co, a leader in Italy with over 6 million searches a month on around 8 million constantly updated offers from over 2,000 merchants.




To increase the speed of search engines with efficient but “sustainable” storage

On the “hottest” days, like the ones leading up to Christmas, millions of Web users search for the best offer on e-commerce websites. At this time, price search engines have to work like Swiss watches, responding quickly to an exceptional work load.

In a constant search for more efficient technologies suited to offering a better service for the millions of users who browse its portals, 7Pixel chooses and installs the HP 3PAR 7400 solid state disk storage solution, with the help of Npo Sistemi, achieving a massive increase in indexing and search speeds. The virtualization also allows 7Pixel to achieve significant energy savings.

Thanks to the new storage performance, 7Pixel is able to manage peak loads of over ten million users and 57 million page views during the Christmas period.

Results achieved

  • Increase in the maximum number of input/output operations per second from 700 to 2500
  • Dramatic reduction in the average latency period from 15 to 0.15 milliseconds
  • Decrease in response time for users from 450 to 300 milliseconds
  • Greater capacity to manage price list updates
  • More flexibility in the management of traffic peaks
  • Lower energy consumption with improved performance


  • 3PAR 7400
  • Proactive Care 24