Architect of change

Transform a potential danger into a winning opportunity.

Npo Sistemi is organized as a dynamic network in which resources operate in two functional areas: Staff and Line. Both areas report to the CEO.

The Staff Functions area consists of Human Resources, General Services, Information & Communication Technology, Administration and Finance, Quality and Purchasing and Delivery.

The Line Functions area consists of Marketing, Sales and Services and Solutions. The Services and Solutions function is in turn organized into Solutions, Projects, Services and Partners.

Npo Sistemi’s activities are classified into three Business Units corresponding to the following offering areas:

  •     Software Solutions
  •     Managed Services
  •     Technology & Integration

Each project is defined, developed, managed and completed by one or more teams who draw the resources required from the departments of Npo Sistemi according to the needs and skills of the project team members.

A preparatory stage to these activities, which is a feature of all of them, is the Consultancy activity, which is a kind of virtual umbrella encompassing the other Units.