Benefits of strategic use of external resources

Outsourcing is the strategic use of external resources to perform typically non-core activities which are normally carried out by internal staff. 

  • On-site support
  • Management of requirements (IMAC)
  • NOC

are the main outsourcing services delivered by Npo Sistemi. 

Npo Sistemi helps businesses identify areas and processes that can be outsourced (typically non-core activities) and can be entrusted to a specialized operator; it manages the customer’s ICT infrastructure, supporting its evolution over time, guaranteeing appropriate levels of performance and reducing fixed operating costs, with benefits including:

  • access to significant economies of scale
  • reliability and uniformity of response times (SLA) for the whole organization
  • access to constantly updated skills


IMAC management of requirements
Improvement of the IT infrastructure lifecycle opener

Services of installation, handling, adaptation and replacement in order to optimize the overall effectiveness and efficiency of infrastructure.


NOC Network Operation Center
Zero Downtime for Network infrastructure? opener

Using monitoring and remote control tools, a team of experts of proven experience, acts proactively to solve the most complex problems to avoid any service interruption.


On Site Support
Day-to-day infrastructure management opener

The “on-site support” service carries out any work that may be required at the user’s premises to solve problems that could not be resolved by telephone, for the day-to-day management of the infrastructure or because it is expressly requested by the customer.