Ricoh Italia and Npo Sistemi

Together to support innovation

Ricoh Italia, a leader in the market of Managed Services for businesses, reinforces its presence in the IT Services segment by acquiring Npo Sistemi’s assets. 

Ricoh Italia has consolidated experience in the IT context and over time has developed the skills required to grow in an increasingly competitive market. The company has achieved important results in this sector and has decided to further reinforce its position by acquiring the assets of Npo Sistemi, which has achieved excellent growth rates in recent years in terms of invoiced sales and has increased its customer base, developing high standards of IT skills and a complete offer.

The acquisition of Npo Sistemi’s assets in Italy falls within the framework of the company’s global strategy, which aims at further expansion and positioning itself as a leader in the IT services market. This strategy is based on organic growth and on a series of targeted acquisitions, such as those that occurred recently in Sweden, Germany, the United Kingdom and Spain. 

Due to this strategy Ricoh is currently able to offer IT services to customers at a global level, guaranteeing homogeneity with respect to the supply of solutions and service levels.