Service Desk Npo

Response within definite timescales

Is managing the company’s ICT infrastructure a non-core activity?

Are intervention time and quality fundamental requirements?

The Npo Service Desk guarantees businesses and organizations what they need: response within definite timescales.
Client, Server and Network Architecture experts receive requests from customers and, via a simple remote connection, they can take complete control of the system to fulfill requests quickly.

Complying with ITIL best practice, the Npo Service Desk offers a quality service tailor-made to meet specific requirements because, working with the customer, it:

  •  draws up a service charter for users
  • establishes the scope of the equipment to be monitored
  • defines the timescales to be respected
  • agrees on the procedure for multi-channel access to the service
  • prepares plans for managing escalations
  • constantly monitors the quality of the services delivered to allow constant evolution


Main Areas of activity:

  • Client architecture: Desktop, Notebook, Laptop, Mobile Device
  • Serve architecture: Network, Server, Storage

Npo Sistemi is UNI EN ISO 9001-2008 certified to deal with all stages of project implementation according to specific standards for effective process management.