Smart Working

Towards a new "Smart Culture"

Npo Sistemi helps companies to spread Digital and Smart Environments by diffusing a new managerial philosophy based on restoring flexibility and autonomy  to their workers in the choice of spaces, schedules and tools to be used, with a corresponding responsibility for results.

Digital Transformation has radically changed the labour market as well as people's expectations, i.e. the evolution towards flexible infrastructures has led to a coherent flexibility of working methods.

For this reason, more and more companies have started up structural projects to facilitate the transition to a flexible smart environment that can be adapted to people's needs.

According to data from the Polytechnic's Smart Working Observatory, 39% of workers who take advantage of smart working, mobile working in fact, are completely satisfied, compared to 18% of traditional workers.

Promoting flexibility in work environments, tools and spaces, in fact, does not only improve employee's involvement, it also improves their performance: Politecnico di Milano data also record an increase of 15% in productivity, a 30 % savings on fixed space management costs and a 20% reduction in absenteeism.

This is why having a smart working environment is a highly enabling factor for a Digital Transformation process that leads to Innovation and ensures the business is reinvigorated.

To be smart, companies increasingly need a partner to help them spread a new philosophy that starts from employee autonomy and develops through across the board flexibility in relation to spaces, tools and schedules.