Training Forge

the business solution for online training - as a service

  1. Want to make an effective start?
  2. Interested in creating videos of your company’s content easily?
  3. Want to publish the videos with a single click?


If you need to respond effectively to the development of business scenarios, TrainingForge is the solution that allows you to:

  • Train existing and potential customers
  • promoting your own courses/solutions/products  
  • offering online training sessions anywhere in the world
  • benefiting from the most experienced speakers in the field, wherever they may be

Training on-demand

  •  making recorded sessions available online
  •  offering training when it’s most convenient for Customers/Employees

Training employees

  •     showing them how to use the company’s tools, applications and solutions
  •     training them remotely 

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Who is TrainingForge designed for?

Marketing, HR, Sales Managers, IT Managers and all company professionals whose priority is to provide support, communicate and train easily, quickly and effectively.



Innovation and Simplicity to transfer knowledge opener

TrainingForge provides a wide range of innovative functions to create a challenging and stimulating experience for users and trainers.


Main functions
Discover the distinctive features of trainingforge opener

You can create and broadcast videos in a simple and user-friendly way, focusing exclusively on the content. We have already taken care of all the technical setup and configuration aspects. Create your event and broadcast it live with just 2 clicks.


3 Packages
to fulfill any requirements opener

TrainingForge is available in one of three different packages to fulfill the requirements of companies and professionals. The packages are suited to different requirements in terms of storage space and connectivity.