Value Proposition DWS

Rental and Asset Transfer

Npo Sistemi offers companies innovative services that can adapt to new customer needs as well as new manufacturer proposals, namely precise asset management in a single outsourcing contract.

The payment consists of a fee that can vary over time depending on the services provided and / or updating of the products to meet evolved technological requirements. The duration of the leases proposed by Npo Sistemi and embedded in the service contract is aligned with the contract duration.

Npo Rental Service is an innovative offer aimed at:

  • Companies interested in having a single IT management fee
  • Customers who want to manage IT costs like Opex
  • All businesses interested in working with Npo Sistemi to improve their IT infrastructure and aligning it with the new requirements and new offers of producers

Find out more about the benefits of a service to companies designed to ensure a single fee for the management and purchase of IT.