Value Proposition Hybrid & Cloud

Hybrid Journey

There are three areas of application of the Line:

  • Cloud Strategy;
  • Hybrid Journey;
  • Integration Services.

In an indirect way, these involve 10 sub-areas:

  • Cloud Migration
  • Orchestration
  • Managed Service
  • BAAS
  • Cloud Optimization
  • Service Catalog
  • DevOps
  • HCI
  • Cyber Security

Npo Sistemi helps Customers adopt the correct Cloud Strategy through a migration process that enables companies to take on the challenges of Digital Transformation.

The cloud journey is the most substantial step in a correct Cloud Strategy: managing correct data orchestration is fundamental. Npo Sistemi supports companies on this journey, positioning itself as the only end-to-end partner in the entire process.

The main benefits for companies in this area:

  • Single partner
  • Correct sizing of Cloud resources
  • Effective resource orchestration
  • Efficient availability of company information
  • Savings on facility costs
  • Use of native Cloud methodologies