Legal Information

Sales Terms and Code of Ethics

Reputation, Credibility, Reciprocity

Code of Ethics

Npo Sistemi Mission sets forth essentially two Values that form the basis of its Code of Ethics:

  • The value of its corporate reputation and credibility with respect to all stakeholders, both external as well as internal.
  • The value of reciprocity, which pursues an ideal of reciprocal respect and advantage between parties and the prevention of the commission of the crimes set forth in Law Decree 231/2001.

In order to ensure conduct that complies with such values, Npo Sistemi’s Code of Ethics sets forth the undertakings and ethical responsibilities that all of Npo Sistemi’s collaborators, whether they are directors, employees, collaborators or interested third parties, must comply with in carrying out corporate business and activities. The Code of Ethics consists of general principles that govern relations with stakeholders, from the Rules of Conduct and Implementation and Control Mechanisms.

General Terms of Sale for materials and services

The general terms, together with the Offer and any annexes thereto, represent an integral and substantive part of the contract that governs the procedures, terms and conditions for the sale of hardware, software and services by Npo Sistemi on behalf of the Customer.