Innovation and Simplicity to transfer knowledge

A suite of integrated solutions that provide an effective response to all the training and knowledge transfer requirements of any company:

  • Lesson2Video: recording and broadcasting of events online
  • Responsive Design: adaptable to any kind of web-connected device, both desktop and mobile
  • Integrates with the main Learning Management Systems to optimize the management of events
  • Customizable: the multimedia content created can be customized with corporate graphics or your own choice of graphics
  •  Sharing and Collaboration: simple and transparent creation and distribution of content
  •  Efficiency and Optimization:
    • 3 clicks to create live events and event recordings
    • 1 click after recording to publish the content and manage it with a Web interface
  •  Cloud: access all the benefits in terms of cost, flexibility and accessibility. Managing and maintaining the technological environment is our job.