Board e Carglass - Case study

Company dashboard and intuitive and integrated KPIs

Carglass is the Belron Group company that specializes in repairing and replacing car windscreens in Italy. Over 8 million customers rely on Belron worldwide, and in Italy Carglass provides assistance to over 400,000 motorists per year.


To have a sales analysis platform for Origlass, the Carglass distribution company controlled by Carglass. A company dashboard with information and intuitive KPIs that can immediately be integrated with existing Excel reports.


1.     The software selection activity led to the choice of BOARD

2.     BOARD satisfied the need to:

  • process the data by applying calculations and business rules
  • perform data entry
  • ensure ease of configuration and simplicity in the creation of new reports
  • ensure ease of use, allowing BOARD users to edit corporate reports and save them in their personal area

3.     The project began with an analysis of the sales made by Origlass and lasted 3 months.

4.     The reporting application, produced with the consulting and professional support of NPO Sistemi, allows the value of goods shipped, turnover, cost of sales and profit margin to be displayed, thus creating different kinds of reports based on the requirements of the different professionals using BOARD.