Inaz - business continuity - case study

More space for customers with HP storage and Npo Sistemi know-how

Inaz is an Italian company specialized in software and solutions to administer, manage and organize work.

A leader in the field of HR management software and services, Inaz has grown significantly in recent years in terms of the volume of services delivered to customers. Therefore, although it relies on a first class IT infrastructure, in 2012 it had to cope with an increasingly high demand for services and space to store data.


The increased demand for services and the need to ensure constant customer satisfaction convinced Inaz to make a greater investment in quality on the storage front. The Milanese company opted for HP 3par and Npo Sistemi’s know-how to complete the transition to an increasingly powerful architecture.


To support the growth in services delivered via efficient storage

Results achieved

  • Improved performance of cloud services delivered to customers
  • Increased storage space from 80 TB to 160 TB
  • Physical disk space saving in the order of 30%, in addition to energy savings
  • Shortening of access time from 20 to 5 milliseconds
  • Elimination of queues on disks
  • 27001 Datacenter security certification


  • 3PAR T400
  • Proactive Care
  • Technical Account Management