T.R.E. - Datacenter creation - Case study

Strategic Datacenter solutions

T.R.E. Tele Rilevamento Europa - is an Italian company and a world leader in the satellite remote sensing sector. The company’s core business is to process satellite data acquired from international space agencies.


Given the very high technological content of its activities, TRE needed to use containment solutions for the physical infrastructure of the Datacenter, so as to guarantee an adequate response to the need for redundancy and continuity of service and create a system that could be monitored and controlled centrally and remotely, with text message alerts being sent in case of emergency.

It also needed a Datacenter equipped with an efficient cooling system and the latest fire fighting devices, with automatic shutdown in the presence of smoke, etc...
Finally, for its technological development, TRE wanted to avail itself of storage devices that provided for greater density with less energy consumption.


Thanks to the advice provided by Npo Sistemi and the Schneider Electric APC range of solutions, the new TRE Datacenter was created, which hosts all the data gathered and processed and is the heart of TRE’s activity.