Npo Sistemi Project Managers are Prince2® certified

Design and implementation activities are carried out by applying a tried and tested method that allows Npo to involve customers at every stage and keep them abreast of progress in the activities themselves. 

The relationship between Npo and its customers is highly collaborative and the activities planned are carried out synergistically, providing customers with complete visibility, in real time, of current and planned project activities.

All Npo Sistemi project managers are certified according to Prince2, a structured method for effective and efficient project management.   This is an "approach", a best practice, for managing all kinds of projects, and has become the de facto standard for organizing, management and monitoring projects.
The PRINCE2 method focuses on achieving results, rather than on simply planning the activities to be carried out. It also provides a common language within the project.





The analysis stage is intended to gather all the information needed to develop and produce the documentation required to plan the activities and manage the resources. The main part of the analysis is the assessment of the customer’s existing ICT infrastructure.
The analysis has to produce a project document that is submitted customers for them to check that the requirements have been interpreted correctly and that the information produced is valid.


This stage defines the activities and allocation of resources needed to achieve the results defined in the analysis and it leads to a document being produced that contains the plan and describes the interaction between the resources and/or the various activities.
If necessary, a test environment or laboratory is set up at this stage to reproduce the integration of the solution.


At this stage, all the activities needed to implement the solution are synchronized and carried out. Closely related to the “testing and control” stage, it includes a series of checks to validate the scheduling.
The implementation ends with the presentation of a document detailing all the changes made to the customer’s structure.

Testing and Control

The "Testing and Control” stage has a two-way connection with the implementation stage and is its natural conclusion. It includes all the testing activities that confirm the efficient operation of what has been created based on acceptance criteria defined during the analysis stage. This stage serves to correct any problems to test the impact of the solution and may include a test in a pilot environment.


The purpose of this stage is to implement the solution in the production environment. It ends with the final approval by the customer of the work carried out. The project therefore ends with the delivery of the final report containing all the documentation produced at the end of the various stages.