Ideas and values

Digital skills Hub

Npo Sistemi's mission is to be a digital skills hub which allows lateral thinking, a transversal experience and a holistic vision, making it possible to identify the client's needs and provide tailored advice.
The goal is to support companies in the Digital Transformation by enabling them to evolve.
Npo Sistemi increases the client's value through three objectives:

1. Simplify

Today, companies have an enormous amount of data at their disposal: their business' innovation and evolution starts with this data and the search for a partner who can simplify the way it is interpreted, analysed and managed.

A data-driven approach that lets clients focus on business priorities like customer satisfaction and loyalty, cost reduction, development of new products, increased profitability and productivity, and entry into new market segments.

2. Peolple Transformation

Implementing Digital Transformation solutions without reviewing the business and IT processes they entail makes the task more complex.
Digital Transformation must be first and foremost a People Transformation: it must address an evolution of skills, abilities, organisational models and leadership styles.
Projecting the company into the future means rethinking how work is organised: this is Npo Sistemi's strategy to enable true Digital Transformation.
The greatest consensus from clients is reserved for the Training Centre dedicated to Digital Innovation issues which Npo Sistemi uses to enable People Transformation.

3. Scouting for technologies and partners

Along with People and Digital Transformation, another fundamental step in the process is searching for new technologies and vendors which enable the company's innovation process.