Cybersecurity and Compliance

From a Defensive to a predictive Approach

Npo Sistemi helps companies take on the challenges of Digital Transformation by diffusing a safe, flexible and compliant Digital Environment.

The defence systems, or cyber security as they are known in ICT, have been undergoing a remarkable mutation in recent years.

Until a few years ago, the concept of cyber security was associated with a completely defensive logic, responding only in the event of an incident, and this engendered relative timing problems and the ineffectiveness of an answer. The spread of the cloud, enhancement of smart working and the evolution of workstations has meant that threats for companies are multiplying and this has given rise to the need to:

  • Guarantee a safe Digital Environment
  • Prevent incidents
  • Proactively respond to market challenges with a Digital Environment compliant with current regulations
  • Promote Cyber Resilience

To respond to this development and the needs of companies, a change of paradigm and a consequent change from a typically defensive logic to a more proactive one is required. It is therefore necessary to have a widespread, capillary approach that promotes a resilient and flexible Digital Environment able to adapt to any type of incident.