Remote Infrastructure Management Services

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Why outsource IT infrastructure management?

In today’s fast-paced and competitive market, it’s imperative that IT systems remain available around-the-clock to ensure productivity. Capacity and security issues need to be proactively identified and resolved before they impact on business growth and IT systems need to be agile and able to respond to shifting priorities.
On top of this, IT teams find themselves under pressure to reduce costs, while managing an increasingly sophisticated IT stack. Faced with these challenges, more and more businesses are entrusting their infrastructure management to specialist third parties.

Remote Infrastructure Management Services provide an end-to-end solution for organisations of any size, whatever your requirements

The service combines industry-leading toolsets, processes and skilled analysts to ensure system availability, security and integrity. The  support team operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and the service manages all major vendors of server, storage, network and cloud-based infrastructure. Remote Infrastructure Management gives you access to a broad range of skillsets and deep technical expertise without having to hire additional internal resource, providing total cover whatever your needs are today, or in the future.


Proactive monitoring and technical support that promotes stability, system availability and security

Our team, based at the Service Operations Centre, provides proactive monitoring, technical support and management, to ensure your IT system’s smooth and consistent performance. The team proactively identify and resolve any technical or security issues before they impact on your business, as well as handling patching, system updates and configuration. Our high service levels mean that we work quickly and efficiently to provide you with total coverage, at all times.

A single point of contact for queries, Incidents, Change and Configuration Management

Faced with an ever-growing array of suppliers, software and systems, when IT teams need to resolve an issue or adapt in order to prevent one from happening in the future, it can be hard to know where to start.
Consolidating your IT system monitoring and management to a Ricoh Managed Service will give your IT team a single point of contact they can reach out to, no matter what challenge they face. The service provided is agile and can quickly adapt to meet your changing requirements

Total compatibility to meet your IT system’s unique specifications and needs Remote Infrastructure Management Services supports the following technologies:

• Server (Windows, Linux, Vmware, Citrix)
• Network (Cisco, Juniper, Watchguard, Azure, Fortinet,
SonicWall, OpenVPN, Meraki, HPE, Aruba)
• Storage (NetApp, Dell EMC, HPE, Azure)
• Applications & Databases (Oracle DB, SQL, MySQL)
• Backup & Security (VEEAM, Backup Exec, Legato, MS
DPM, MABS, Kaspersky, Sophos, McAfee)