Npo, value and security in ICT

The Customer at the center

Value is the result of an approach that puts the Customer's objectives at the center of every project and involves building an ICT infrastructure that reflects real needs, specific purposes and the available budget.

Trusted consultant

Npo Sistemi is a trusted consultant that identifies the requirements for renewal in ICT and provides specialized process, organization and strategy advice and support.

ICT Innovation

Over 30 years of experience and advice regarding processes, organization, strategies and solutions for corporate renewal. 


    UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 Certified Quality Management System
    • Certificate: SQ153785: Issued: 02/02/2015 Renewal: 13/04/2016  Expiry: 14/09/2018
    • Certified unit: Cernusco s/N (Milan) office
    • Certified processes:
    - Sale of hardware and software products
    - Provision of IT technical support services
    - Design, development and implementation of bespoke IT solutions, particularly using Web technologies



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This is Npo that I wanted
In the words of CEO opener

When I founded Npo, over 30 years ago now, I envisioned a company that would become a benchmark in the Italian computing landscape.


The added value that makes the difference
Npo’s consulting experience opener

Serving customers to fulfill the requirements and solve the problems that can arise in ICT environments. The most direct way of operating is to ensure the timely fulfillment of requirements or a solution to the problem.


Architect of change
Transform a potential danger into a winning opportunity. opener

Npo Sistemi operates in the market and among its customers through three business units: Business Software Solutions, Managed Services, Technology & Integration