Managed Services

A quality service designed to fulfill customer requirements

Managed Services offers IT organizations the option to avail themselves of external suppliers for a wide range of IT functions and services, allowing managers to focus on strategic functions and more critical activities for the business.

Npo Sistemi’s managed services include:

  • Print service management
  • Service Desk
  • Outsourcing (NOC, On Site Support, IMAC)
  • Cloud and Datacenter services

The benefits of having Npo as a partner:

Skills and experience

Over thirty years of experience in helping businesses and organizations identify areas and processes that can be outsourced, typically non-core activities, which can be entrusted to a specialized operator:  

Support in managing the customer’s ICT infrastructure

We support evolution over time, guaranteeing high standards of performance and reducing fixed management costs. 

Compliance with best practice and ITIL standards

  • Npo Service Managers are ITIL certified.
  • Applying the industry’s ITIL best practices (to manage problems, incidents, events, modifications, configurations, performance, stocks) ensures optimum management of IT.
  • We use ITIL-Compliant open sourced and commercial tools, which allow us constantly to monitor the progress of requests and the time taken to fulfill them.