Code of ethics

Reputation, Credibility, Reciprocity

Npo Sistemi’s mission statement establishes the values that are the foundation of its Code of Ethics, which are essentially two:

  • The value of reputation and credibility in the eyes of all stakeholders, both external and internal
  • The value of reciprocity, pursuing the ideal of mutual respect and benefit for the parties and preventing offenses being committed under Decree Law 231/2001.

In order to ensure conduct that respects these values, the Npo Sistemi Code of Ethics expresses the ethical commitments and responsibilities with which all Npo Sistemi employees, including directors, associates and third parties involved in its activities, are required to comply in the conduct of business and corporate activities.

The Code of Ethics consists of the General Principles that govern relations with stakeholders, the Rules of Conduct and the Implementation and Control Mechanisms.