RS Components - Managed Printing Service

Greater simplicity and cost reduction

RS Components is a leading distributor of electrical and electronic components. It operates worldwide through the Elettrocomponents Group, distributing over 550,000 products.


The requirement was to optimize the stock of machines installed in the Italian office, avoiding the proliferation of different printers, models and brands, with costs spinning out of control. Npo Sistemi analyzed the situation and worked with the IT departments of RS Components to devise a new solution.


The main aspects of the solution proposed are:

  • Reduction in the number of machines installed: the pre-existing machines were replaced with a single multifunction model, the HP CM6040, with two units being installed on each of the five floors of the office, in order to ensure operational continuity.
  • A3 color printing for all users: thanks to new models plus the option to scan and copy using a single device.
  • Managed service: all document management activities have now been handed over to a managed service, to the great satisfaction of IT personnel, who no longer have to worry about governance or administration.
  • Proactive approach: using a software tool, Npo monitors consumption by the multifunction printers and takes prompt action to resupply and service them.
  • Saving of around 30%: achieved by the new architecture.