Hybrid Integration & Cloud Strategy

Flexible, responsive and secure IT infrastructures for innovation

Npo Sistemi helps companies increase their flexibility, speed up reaction times and reduce IT infrastructure costs through a Cloud strategy that lets them integrate and enhance a hybrid environment.

Why a Cloud Strategy?

According to a Npo Sistemi Survey conducted on 250 CIOs from client companies, the most important needs related to Cloud management include:

  • Savings on facility costs;
  • Custom balance between Capex and Opex;
  • Simplified day-to-day management;
  • Efficiency and optimisation of the supplier team;
  • Use of native Cloud methodologies.

To respond to these needs and the market's continuous evolution, companies increasingly need flexible, responsive and secure IT infrastructures.
Optimising the Cloud strategy affects multiple levels: it is closely linked to engagement and employee productivity, as well as reducing operational running costs.
According to research conducted by Gartner, in the first 18 months companies overestimate Cloud resources by 70%: accurate measurement and therefore correct sizing are closely linked with a view to improvement.


Npo has always helped clients respond to market challenges through the right Cloud strategy, based on identifying and customising the best solutions, managing all the technical and infrastructural aspects, and acting as the only end-to-end partner for the final customer.

Npo Sistemi ensures Cloud Journey and Migration services, via an orchestration without any constraint between Clouds.


  • in the first phase of assessment it is essential to qualify the reference context and requirements in order to provide a migration in line with the client's needs;
  • designing the project and path
  • implementating the path
  • migration.
  • day-to-day IT Operation management with a single SLA.
  • Continuous improvement and optimisation.
  • echnological and methodological training for companies' IT professionals, in a forecasting perspective.