IMAC management of requirements

Improvement of the IT infrastructure lifecycle

The purpose of the "IMAC" - Installation, Move-Add & Change - service is to improve the life cycle of IT equipment existing in the company, appropriately balancing the level of technological obsolescence of the equipment with actual business requirements.

Each context has different categories of users who have different IT resource requirements for their work (processing capacity, application software, type of peripherals, etc.); the "IMAC" service allows installation, handling, adaptation and replacement work to be carried out in order to optimize the overall effectiveness and efficiency of infrastructure.

Main activities

Appropriately trained technical staff organize the following activities based on the service levels agreed with the customer:

  • INSTALLATION = Installing a hardware system involves the physical installation of a new system in a specific part of the infrastructure and its configuration.
  • MOVE = Moving a hardware system/component involves physically moving it from its current position to the one required (handling memory banks, disks, PCs, servers, etc.).
  • ADD = Adapting a hardware and/or software system involves adding, upgrading and reconfiguring one or more hardware and/or software components to the system itself (installing memories, disks, software patches, version upgrades, etc.).
  • CHANGE = Replacing one hardware and/or software system with another equivalent one involves uninstalling one system to replace it with another.