The added value that makes the difference

Npo’s consulting experience

Npo Sistemi and the Group’s companies serve customers in ways that fulfill the requirements and solve the problems that can arise in ICT environments. The most direct way of operating is to ensure timely fulfillment of the requirement or a solution to the problem.

The need for change can be transformed into an opportunity by drawing on the consulting experience of Npo, analyzing business processes as they are and determining how best to improve them, considering the benefits that can be derived from these activities.

At this point, the customer can decide to proceed with the re-engineering process and, following a gap analysis and an assessment of the cost/benefit ratio, Npo can make suggestions, not only for the design and implementation of aspects strictly connected with ICT, but also for the functional reorganization of the Customer’s departments and business units involved.

This is the most convenient way to deal with change as its architect.