This is Npo that I wanted

In the words of CEO

"In 1982, at the beginning of this adventure, IT was not yet a working tool for everyone. Bill Gates’s dream could be summed as the idea of having “a computer on every desk...”: a premonition of the revolution that would change the way we communicate and work.  Thus my desire to create a company that could support and facilitate this change was born.
Success for Npo came quickly thanks to comprehensive, transparent and customized solutions designed to meet the productivity requirements of businesses and professionals.

In the 1990s, the birth of "Npo Direct" marked another step forward in the development of the company structure: the creation of a comprehensive catalog of office accessories in fact established a standard of quality and business excellence that was recognized as an example to be imitated, even by large multinationals.

At the same time, Npo went through two changes of ownership, which ended with the acquisition of the company by the Italian management: the objective being to turn Npo into a flagship of our economy.

In 2001, Npo realized my dream, transforming itself from a simple reseller, in a market that wanted nothing other than to buy IT products quickly and at competitive prices, to a complete solutions provider, anticipating what our customers would soon be asking us to supply:

Ideas, Technologies and Skills at the service of Companies.

Today, Npo is a mature company, consisting of a team of skilled professionals, characterized by a flexible, consulting approach that allows them to recommend the best solution for the customer every time.

This is the Npo I wanted.

Egidio Perotti

CEO and founder of Npo Sistemi