Put Videoconferencing in the cloud

Video conferencing as a service

In order for virtual meetings to be as effective as physical ones you need to communicate with audio and video but also to share the customary IT working tools in an audio or video conference. 

A result achieved with a solution that integrates:

  • simple and effective cloud services
  • Ricoh UCS video conferencing devices
  • apps


The major investments in infrastructure made by Ricoh mean that as a CSP - cloud service provider - it can guarantee data security, constant upgrades and the opportunity to use the best as-a-service solutions. 

Video conferencing services can be used without having to buy expensive infrastructure, simply by connecting to the resources available in the Ricoh cloud.  The in-cloud video conferencing service combines ease of access with simplicity of use, professional quality and cost reduction. The pay-per-use system is so much more convenient than installing a physical infrastructure that it makes virtual meetings highly advantageous, making them feel just like face-to-face meetings.

Ease of use

The cloud allows conferencing systems to be extended instantly to all users, both internal and external to the company, significantly reducing the need for travel while at the same time increasing the frequency of exchanges of information, which become simpler and more productive. 


Ricoh UCS’ as-a-service and mobile solution needs no dedicated conference room. It’s portable and can be connected to a Wi-Fi network.