According to Npo Sistemi’s VISION, in the current business environment, which is constantly changing and has become increasingly challenging, information systems are no longer purely a cost center but an essential key factor of success for the business. This is because they provide the customer promptly with information on changing market conditions, allowing dangers to be prevented and risks to be transformed into growth opportunities.

ICT thus becomes a fundamental business facilitator and multiplier, supporting the sustainable growth of the company itself with a view to achieving business agility.

In the current global socio-economic scenario, businesses are open systems, completely immersed in the external environment, with which they are constantly and rapidly exchanging information, transactions and business relationships.

This is where the prevailing phenomenon of our times, GLOBALIZATION in space and time, which expands competition to a global scale and with no time limits, must be taken into account.

The most immediate effect of globalization is the CHANGE it involves. It causes turmoil and changes in the environment, in which the business operates as an open system, much more quickly and invasively than was the case a few decades ago.

The radical and continuous change in operating conditions requires equally fast action to be taken by senior management at all skill levels, from strategy to short-term activities. This requires comprehensive and timely monitoring of what is happening around the business.  Information is needed.