Main functions

Discover the distinctive features of trainingforge

You can create and broadcast videos in a simple and user-friendly way, focusing exclusively on the content. We have already taken care of all the technical setup and configuration aspects. Create your event and broadcast it live with just 2 clicks.


Create videos: Lesson2Video

Information available to everyone thanks to the option to record and broadcast events online 

  • Create online training videos or trainers and presentations
  • Broadcast the content in live and/or on-demand mode
  • Handles the post-production of the recordings and exports them to YouTube, Video, etc.

Create courses and events: TFManager

Classroom management: Sessions, content, user accounts, services, interactions

  • Profiled access for speakers, assistants, users
  • Management of sessions timetable, virtual classrooms, user permits, questionnaires, surveys, publishing points
  • Management of recordings, chapters, video previews, etc.


Player to learn and participate: TFViewer

Live and on-demand sessions

  • Player for live and on-demand sessions
  • Allows attendance and interaction with the trainer by providing access to annexes, questionnaires, surveys, Q&As, etc.
  • Profiled access to recorded lessons



An integrated, solid and effective collaboration service

  • Web Meetings in real time
  • Allows participants to interact via webcam, audio, chat, message board, etc.
  • Also allows access to sessions by dedicated VoIP telephone line