According to a GSMA Intelligence research from 2020, the main challenges that companies are facing in IoT projects are the following:

  • The use of IoT objects that is not always safe
  • The development of relevant data syntheses(data scientists)
  • The collection of data from IoT objects, even if there is not always a direct control
  • Concrete and safe ROI results

Nowadays, companies can rely on many connected IoT devices that are often acquired in a Software as a Service mode. The history of these devices can be traced back to a safe and unchanging registry that ensures data integrity.

This is the Blockchain’s aim that also ensures information safety and resilience.

In a symmetric way, Blockchain’s technologies require reliable and verifiable data sources in order to ensure that the unchanging element is a datum which is as close as possible to its source and the acquisition is automatic to avoid mistakes in the manual or human data entry.

IoT is designed for this purpose.

Two complementary and synergic realities that can provide numerous application opportunities both in a business and in an industrial context.

On the one hand, IoT allows to register verifiable information, and on the other, the Blockchain enters them in an unchanging registry.

If combined, these elements lead to automated digital workflows with significant cost savings.


For this reason, Npo Sistemi is always at the forefront in the field of Digital Transformation solutions with an end-to-end approach, guiding the Client from the design phase to the implementation phase with tailored solutions, and is also a Trusted Advisor for synergic solutions between IoT and Blockchain that enable change and new scenarios.

NPO implements tailored solutions that are able to comply precisely with the typical sector needs.

Numerous benefits: on the one hand, IoT allows to register reliable information, and on the other, the Blockchain enters them in an unchanging registry.


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