Enabling change means to be prepared, using the best strategy and the most adequate tools to spread a Digital Culture.

Nowadays, companies need to grow their business, accelerate Digital Transformation, enable hybrid working modes, and optimize processes and flows. Moreover, the need to simplify and digitalize processes, as well as promoting a greater involvement of people, has become increasingly more evident.

These needs aim at enabling a Change supported by technology. Clearly defined tools and objectives that need an increased level of expertise to be accomplished.

IT Consulting in Npo Sistemi looks at these objectives with the aim to act as a consultant for business managers in order to help them to work out the best solution, define the best strategy (for example, choosing between Capex and Opex, Hybrid or On-premise…), optimize and automatize processes and clients’ services through the use of best practices, standards and tools on the market.

To this end, Npo offers a team of experts with more than 70 certifications in consultancy and technology.

Consulting support carried out by Npo Sistemi can lead to the following concrete benefits:

  • An improved business need alignment
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduction of downtime management and incident prevention
  • Optimization of Assets and Services

IT Consulting from Npo Sistemi offers an updated company overview in meetings with top managers with the aim to enable, address, communicate and implement Change within the company.

There are three main stakeholders:

  • People that manage the organizational change
  • Processes that must achieve operational efficiency
  • Technologies that bring about Change

Managing the organizational change is one of the greatest challenges in any project, and must be carefully addressed.


People will have to be willing to embrace change for it to be effective. Companies can enable Digital Transformation and evolve only if they change their mindset. For this reason, NPO supports its clients in a continuous improvement process by bringing about change in the organization. NPO provides knowledge and skills that are at the core of change, thanks to personalized courses, workshops, on-the-job trainings and Coaching.

Synergy and teamwork are the right formula for excellence and there are different types of service to achieve this goal: IT Service Management (for example, ITIL®) to apply standards to value, RPA that allows business processes automatization, Project Management for an improved work efficiency through methods such as Prince and Agile, consultancy in safety and dedicated coaching and training.

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