Npo Sistemi helps clients to enable new flexible IT models. Through a consultative and tailored approach that analyzes, addresses and anticipates internal problems, Npo Sistemi simplifies and automates the IT Data center and Cloud infrastructures.

The benefits of the Npo approach compliant with the reference framework (Agile, Lean, Prince2) include:

  • end-to-end management of an integration project (starting from the design to the implementation and management)
  • maximum performance
  • saving of operational costs
  • bondless Cloud orchestration

Moreover, Npo Sistemi proposes the following dedicated Training courses: Hybrid Infrastructure Services (Microsoft, Networking, Cloud, Veeam, VMware, Oracle, Project Management – Metodologie – Governance).

“Npo Sistemi’s approach is defined as a journey. As a matter of fact, it’s called Hybrid Infrastructure Journey.

The objective is to accompany the client on the path towards technical innovation through a contextual listening and identification of the business needs, not only technological ones.

That’s because the aim of an infrastructural project is making IT services evolve in harmony with the dimensions and sector of the company, that is to say, with the business strategies.

This is precisely the concept of right sizing: finding the infrastructural dimension which is most suitable for their needs.”


What do you need?

On Premise
  • Data center infrastructure
  • Hyperconvergence
  • Network/Wifi
  • Repatriation
  • On-premise management services
    • Extended data centers
    • Backup Management
    • Disaster Recovery Management
    • Collaboration migration systems towards O365
    • Hybrid management services
    • Private Cloud Strategy
    • Public Cloud Migration
    • Cloud Optimization
    • Cloud management services