The go-to-market partner for the digital transformation solutions. A consultive approach that offers tailor-made IT solutions to support companies through their digital transformation


Innovation fields

With over 35 years of experience in innovation, Npo Sistemi identifies customer's needs proposing the best solutions to increase the value of the business. Npo Sistemi Value Proposition interprets the changes of a constantly evolving market with a consultancy and data-driven approach expressed in 10 Innovations fields that reflect companies priorities.


Npo Sistemi helps business managers to identify the best solution, define the most appropriate strategy, optimize and automate customer processes and services through the use of the best “Best Practices”, Standards and Tools on the market.hange means to be prepared, using the best strategy and the most adequate tools to spread a Digital Culture.



Npo Sistemi helps to create a tailor-made service for companies, which identifies needs and responds by simplifying processes and flows to enable Digital Transformation.





Npo Sistemi helps companies to enhance every aspect and component of a Digital Innovation project, guaranteeing flexibility in the design and development of the best solutions with tangible benefits.



Npo Sistemi helps companies to simplify the management of Hybrid IT Infrastructures, speed up reaction times and reduce costs, thanks to an end-to-end orchestration and a Hybrid Management & Integration service.



Npo Sistemi helps companies to promote smart and digital work environments through IT services, technological solutions and applications that make decision-making processes efficient and allow to restructure office spaces for a better user experience



Npo Sistemi helps companies take on the challenges of Digital Transformation by diffusing a safe, flexible and compliant Digital Environment.



Npo Sistemi helps companies in transforming data into information to support decision-making processes, through a consultative approach to process analysis and automation, choice of technology and implementation of the Data Analytics system.



Npo Sistemi promotes synergy among people, processes, data and objects by making this network of connections relevant to transform information into business actions.