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Put Videoconferencing in the cloudPut Videoconferencing in the cloud

Video conferencing as a service

The cloud-based video conferencing service combines ease of access with simplicity of use and professional quality. The pay-per-use system is so much more convenient than installing a physical infrastructure that it makes virtual meetings highly advantageous, making them feel just like "face-to-face" meetings.


Coca-Cola HBC Italia - Case study
Migrating 2000 users thanks to multimedia training

The TrainingForge suite of cloud solutions for online multimedia training allowed all the company’s resources to be quickly migrated from Lotus to Office 365, ensuring comprehensive training with no impact on business continuity.


Sacra Famiglia - case study
Zero impact migration for all workstations

Switching to new desktop computers, laptops and tablets in a social care organization is a serious business. The health of the people receiving care remains central and, in most cases, services have to be delivered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Rulmeca Group - Case study
The cloud for e-mail. And it’s only the beginning.

The cloud is a winning solution for streamlining messaging and collaboration environments because of the availability and reliability of the service, the simplification of configuration and maintenance activities, greater employee productivity and savings. The new email solution is based on Office 365 and extended to all the group's workstations worldwide.