The experience of people in a working environment has been formalized in a new concept, the Experience Level Agreement, that includes the users’satisfaction as an evaluation parameter.

The consultative approach of Npo Sistemi complies with the reference network (ITIL) and aims at a constant service improvement in the implementation and management of ITSM solutions.

The model proposes an innovative modality of streamlining processes based on Process Mining: through the identification of objective KPIs to measure the performance, it is possible to define the areas of improvement and measure the value deriving from the proposed activities.

Moreover, Npo Sistemi proposes Training courses dedicated to Digital Workplace Services (IT Service Management - ITIL).

Nowadays, we need to rely on authentic data and sources that rapidly evolve in order to better manage the Digital Employee Experience. In this context, it is important to interpret them correctly in order to take immediate actions.

A proactive approach, which is not only based on a reaction, must be enabled through the monitoring of parameters expressed by the user and the devices”.


What do you need?

Intelligent Service Desk

An organizational structure for IT process management supported by innovative technologies:

  • Multichannel access to resources and users’ answers
  • Automation in the completion of the task
  • Digital Workspace Assistant
End User Computing
  • UEM (Unified Endpoint Management) Platform
  • Proactive monitoring for the Digital Employee Experience
  • Backup solutions
  • Endpoint security solutions
  • Hardware and software supplies for workstations
Front Desk 2.0
  • IMAC services automation
  • Organization of TechBar
  • Scouting and the best skills at your service
  • Resource booking solutions
Asset Lifecycle Management
  • Asset monitoring
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Modern end point configuration
  • Circular economy enablement